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Get the energy shot your body needs fast, without the crashing!

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DynaPep Your Energy Drink Alternative

Dynapep is the hot, new supercharged way to get the energy shot your body needs fast and without the crashing associated with a sugary, sodium-filled energy drink. Dynapep energy shot is the first energy micro-shot ever created on Earth that contains no sugar, no sodium, and only 2 calories but still able to help enhance mental focus and provide massive energy of any big name energy drink.

   It’s not just a condensed energy shot: it’s the 2-tiered adrenaline maximum output system (AMAX) that works continuously to help give your body an all-day energy shot. The technology behind Dynapep energy shot is groundbreaking; it’s designed specifically to meet the energy needs of today’s modern energy shot seeker with a convenient, easy-to-carry 4ml twist-top ampoule.

  • Dyna pep energy shot contains no sugar or sodium
  • Dyna pep energy shot works all day with 2-stage AMAX technology
  • Dyna pep energy shot enhances energy by stimulating the nervous system
  • Dyna pep energy shot travels light and beats huge, crash-inducing energy drinks

   In the end, energy drinks can actual been energy let down. They lift you for only a short time (maybe a few hours) of energy before crashing hard because of the high-sugar and calorie content. Not to mention how terrible they taste after being open and left to get warm. Gross. Most people don’t have time for a 16- or 24-ounce can of energy drink or to have their day ruined by a sudden drop in caffeine when they need a long-lasting energy shot. Dynapep energy shot is only 4ml (about ¾ teaspoon) to help give you more energy in less time and with less by products, like sugar and calories, which make big, caffeine-loaded energy drinks ineffective. Get pumped with the super-efficient and long-lasting power of Dynapep energy shot.
    * Liquid absorption for fresh energy shot

    * Chromium helps stop sugar crashes from slowing you down

    * Vitamin B12 in the Dynapep energy shot provides improved health

    * Dynapep energy shot ingredients help energize for hours

   Because B12 is rocking your metabolism once the Dynapep energy shot gets in your bloodstream, Chromium and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA) are needed to stabilize natural glucose levels, sustain energy, and bolster mental sharpness. CLAs provide a base for time-released supercharged energy for up to 6 hours. The Chromium improves insulin regulation to stop the jittering, anxious feeling which accompanies sugar as a by product of other energy drinks and supplements.
   The Dynapep energy shot ingredient complex uses a proprietary energy shot blend of Vitamin B12, Chromium, Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA), and nootropic-like ingredients. Vitamin B12 is used to activate cell receptors in the central nervous system which aids in the synthesis of fatty acids and boosts metabolic energy output. Vitamin B12 is present in every cell responsible for the metabolism of energy in the body. This helps enhance mental functioning and alertness and burn fat as a result of time-released energy shot power.
    * Endorsed by top extreme competitors

    * Special proprietary blend binds to central nervous system boost AMAX

    * 2-tier time-released energy enhances focus and boosts energy

    * No crashing from lack of energy

    * Fat-burning and energy-inducing thermogenesis

   The proprietary blend of ingredients works through a bi-level absorption delivery system. Dynapep energy shot system maximizes the pharmacokinetic properties of Vitamin B12, Chromium, and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA). When you take the energy shot, you immediately begin to feel the phytochemicals working to help your body manifest itself into a state of AMAX. They use CLAs for quick absorption into the bloodstream through the mouth. This helps give a boost of quick energy throughout the body. The alkaline state of the mouth sets up Chromium and Vitamin B12 to bind at the molecular level to epithelial tissue to build the foundation for enhanced energy, fat-burning, and mental focus. Once in this state, other Dynapep energy shot ingredients that mimic the effects of nootropics release a steady stream of energy through thermogenesis and adrenocorticotrpic synthesis. Because the body then reaches a state where no potential energy lost, there is no crashing from lack of sugar and caffeine, which is a common problem with energy drinks.

 Dynapep energy shot is taking the energy supplement world by storm. Dynapep energy shot is now being endorsed as the go-to energy source for such highly-competitive sports like BMX racing, UFC fighting, and Nascar racing. Extreme, high-performance athletes need quick energy and long-lasting energy. Dynapep energy shot is the answer.